Based the the specs I found for the TG16, it has 8 KB of RAM. I also found notes in the documentation of many opcodes that there is data stored in several "flags and switches" are these stored in RAM or in a designated register?

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You are probably referring to the status register. This is a hardware register in the CPU, and is not stored in RAM.

Generally speaking, the HuC6280 is similar to a 6502-family CPU. You may want to acquaint yourself better with those parts; familiarity with them will make the HuC6280 easier to understand.

  • I am looking the acquaint myself with those parts. where/how do i do that? – Jack Kasbrack Dec 6 at 15:48
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    The 6502 was an extremely popular processor in its time. There were many books written about working with it. Read one. – duskwuff Dec 6 at 18:08
  • um... thanks... – Jack Kasbrack Dec 7 at 17:14
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    @JackKasbrack It's a serious recommendation. Stack Exchange Q&A isn't a good medium to explain something this broad. A book is. – duskwuff Dec 7 at 20:42

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