Where were Macintosh computers sold in the 1980s, and how many were sold in each place?

My impression is that most macs were sold in North America, but I don't know where to find references to confirm or correct that assumption. I imagine that good sources could be archives of software or Apple's corporate reports; I just don't know where to find these.

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    That question is way to broad and asks for an amount of information that would require a serious amount of research - I voted to close, but maybe it can be rewritten to be more focused so an answer can be given with reasonable effort – Raffzahn Jan 25 at 21:34
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    For a start, stopping it asking more than one thing would be good. Ask about how many were sold outside of North America, then ask in a separate question about the translated software. – wizzwizz4 Jan 25 at 21:41
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    And for the start, languages for System 6 where at least English, French-Canadian, Greek, Japanese-Kanji, Swiss-French, Swiss-German, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, English-UK, Spanish, Italian, Chinese-Simpl and Polish (taken for a System 6 dealers CD) I'm also prety shure there was a Hebrew version. For older I might need to search, but AFAIR already System 1 was available at least in German and Hebrew. The Mac was always rather great at internationalization. – Raffzahn Jan 25 at 21:48
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    Can't find any reference for System 1.1 beside English, French and German. But already LisaOS and it's applications where available in more than a dozend different languages, so I think we may find quite some internationalisation for the Mac right from the start - after all, it's resource format was meant to support this everywhere. Also, it's said that more Lisa got sold outside the US than within. So I wouldn't wonder for similar numbers for the Mac - that is until the LC came along and made the Mac more successful in US schools (and homes) – Raffzahn Jan 25 at 22:21
  • Thank you for the feedback, I should have pared down to begin with. @Raffzahn, the info you have is great. Can you point me toward sources for this? I am happy to go digging myself, I just don't know where to stick my shovel in to begin with. – nickloewen Jan 26 at 2:31

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