Question - How could you have saved Magnavox Odyssey II ( more commonly written as "Magnavox Odyssey²" ) programs to cassette ?

  • I am basing my question on saving programs written using using the cheap "Computer Intro!" cartridge, so I assume that would rule out using cartridge pins as I/O .
  • NOTE - I am not aware of there being any other way to write programs on this machine, other than by using the "Computer Intro!" cartridge .
  • My question DOES NOT involve using the "C7420 Home Computer Module", and anyway, this was only available for the Videopac+ and the Jopac consoles .
  • Note - There obviously seems to be no easy way to connect this machine to a cassette-recorder .

I never had this machine, it's just to see if anyone thought of an easier or more practical way than my ideas .
. . ( The more I think about it, the less worthwhile my question becomes, due to the bad quality keyboard etc, but it's such an early machine that it seems worthwhile . )

  • My broad idea for saving a program, is to somehow make the computer emit a different audio code, like binary or something ( or, maybe frequency, but doubt it ) for each text character, when a program is listed, or when it is typed, and then run a cable from the TV earphone plug to the cassette-recorder.
    . And to load a program, you would of had to connect wires from the cassette-player to the internal wiring for the keyboard, to simulate typing, but since I doubt this keyboard functions in a way to allow this, maybe connect wires from the cassette-player to the joystick or cartridge port pins ( which unfortunately are occupied by the "Computer Intro!" cartridge ) .

    • Another method for saving a program may have been to make a flashing-square somewhere on the screen that flashed different codes for different text characters when they are typed or when the program is listed, and put a photodiode ( or something similar ) right next to the flashing-square, and attach a cable from the photodiode to a cassette-recorder .

    • Update : See the updates to this question up top .

  • Not realy clear what you're asking here. What kind of program do you want to save at all? – Raffzahn Jan 27 at 3:53
  • I think it would be best to use the cartridge port for I/O. – traal Jan 27 at 5:27
  • 2
    Usually I'd assume BASIC, but the Odyssey didn't have BASIC (afaik)… Please clarify what you mean by "save a program". – wizzwizz4 Jan 27 at 10:49
  • 1
    According to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnavox_Odyssey%C2%B2 there was a "Computer Intro" cartridge which was intended to teach simple programming, and the "Videopac" expansion had MS Basic and a cassette tape interface for saving programs. – alephzero Jan 27 at 11:00
  • This question is actually about the Oddyssey², which is in fact a re-labelled Phillips Videopac G7000. This did have BASIC on one ROM, and BASIC could save programs to tape. It also had a sort of assembler cartridge (#9) that could not save to tape. I guess that is the background of the question. It should, however, be extensively reworked if this was the intention. – tofro Jan 27 at 11:03

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