I am sure many of you remember the gigantic Computer Shopper magazines of the 1990's; but Computer Shopper actually dates back to sometime in 1979, and still exists in electronic form today.

In my various travels across the interwebs I have found many sites devoted to preserving magazines and books from the early days of personal computing; but I've never found a collection of Computer Shopper scans.

Maybe the Shopper just isn't as glamorous as some other big-name publications, but I suspect the first decade (before the explosion of beige box clones) would provide a lot of insight into pricing trends, availability, hot products, flash-in-the-pan mail-order companies, vaporware, etc.

At the risk of inviting link only answers - does anyone know if such a preservation effort exists?

  • I know of an archive of neither, but just in case it helps anybody: the British Computer Shopper, which was large in the 1990s but never gigantic and is still published, appears to be unrelated to the American magazine that is the topic here. – Tommy Mar 23 at 4:29
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    As usual Archive.org is your friend, except, so far only about 10 issues of 2001 have been uploaded. Isn't that a great chance for you to go ahead and scan and upload some issues, helping to preserve? – Raffzahn Mar 23 at 7:53
  • @Raffzahn, I was thinking about that. I took a look on ebay to see what the availability is like, and so far it doesn't look good. I'm not sure where to even locate actual copies to scan! Its a shame because I bet there is a lot of history locked in those old pages... – Geo... Mar 23 at 13:32
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    @Geo...That's a noble task and worth been done. No need to perfect, as every issue found can be scanned and uploaded on its own. Take whatever you find. I'd love to have them as additional resource for research. Especially the 1979 to mid 90s issues, but then every one will be valuable. I'm sorry I can't help - I won't find many on European flea markets :) – Raffzahn Mar 24 at 18:38
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    Oh, I so wish I'd kept all my old giant Computer Shopper magazines from back in the day! Those were the best magazines ever. I read them so many times. Miss that so much. Just can't find anything comparable today to what they had back then! – Brian Knoblauch Mar 26 at 16:46

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