Can anyone direct one toward a service which can retrieve data stored on 5.25 single-sided dual-density floppy disks (MS-DOS 1.25, written using EasyWriter, on a Sanyo MBC-550)?

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A web search finds a number of companies which provide this sort of service, but I have never used any (and this isn’t the place to endorse one either).

There are some volunteers around the globe who might be able to help — the Archive Team has a list of volunteers, and a trip to vintage computing forums will find more. Terry Stewart (in New Zealand) also offers a similar service, albeit not for free.

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    Agreed. Get quotes from specialists. The floppy disks may need preparation before any attempt is made to read them. – Mick Apr 1 at 20:42
  • The archive team link is a good one. – Raffzahn Apr 1 at 20:50

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