I haven't gotten around to making/sourcing a cable for ADTPro, but I was thinking perhaps I can just write a few disks with a 7100 I have sitting around since those drives can read/write GS and PC disks.

I have several .2mg disk images that I want to write, but I can't seem to find any solution that works. Perhaps I need to try a different format?

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Best way is to use a IIgs side utility to unpack disk archives onto real disks.

  • First stop would be Sheppy's DiskMaker, a USD 5.- shareware utility, the gold standard here and youterpart to the original ImageMaker.

  • Further there is Ninjaforce's ASIMOV utility, free of charge.

Either should work as .2MG files are (*1) what's in the IIgs world called a 'Universal Disk File'.

Now, if you're in a real DIY mode, then there is CiderPress, a great (Windows) utility to handle compressed (.SHK) files. After all, the universal format is based on ShrinkIt.

*1 - Usually, as file extensions are volatile.

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