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Intel's 80386 processor, alternatively known as the i386 or 386. Use only for questions specifically about the processor; DO NO USE to mean ‘386-class machine’.

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The start of x86: Intel 8080 vs Intel 8086?

Why is it said that all modern Intel processors of the x86 family are said to descend from the Intel 8086 and not the Intel 8080? From the Wikipedia article on the Intel 8086, The 8086 gave rise to ...
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386 laptop: reads MBR, cannot boot DOS 6.22

I am trying to boot 386 laptop from a CF card. I've prepared image by installing DOS 6.22 in VirtualBox, and then burning image to a CF card. Image boots just fine in VirtualBox. CF card with the ...
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19 votes
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What are these weird long ISA slots on this 386 board? (not VLB)

In this image, you can see, from the right, a 16-bit ISA slot (occupied by a controller card), an 8-bit ISA slot, four more 16-bit ISA slots, and two of these strange slots that look like a 16-bit ISA ...
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Is it possible to trap 387 FPU opcodes on a 287 connected to a 386?

The 8087 and 287 FPUs were designed before the IEEE 754 standard was released. Because of this, they contain some instructions which are not compliant with it. When the 387 was released in 1987, it ...
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When did the tower form factor appear and when did it become popular?

Essentially, my question is there in the title. Tower cases are commonplace these days, and probably are the "default" form factor for personal computers (or at least were, before they were surpassed ...
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oldest free assembler targeting the 386 CPU

What is the oldest free-to-use and royalty-free assembler targeting the Intel 80386 CPU in 32-bit protected mode, which knows all the instructions and addressing modes, and doesn't have obvious bugs? ...
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