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How were the test registers used on the i386 and the i486?

The Intel 386 and 486 CPUs (and some clones too) had some test registers (TR3–TR7) which were used to test features like the TLB and caches. Starting with Pentium, these were replaced with MSRs (Model ...
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Why does trying to break into the NT 3.1 kernel reboot my 486DX4 machine?

I installed Windows NT 3.1 on a Compaq ProSignia 3080 system, because of several reasons: I know that this machine was running Windows NT 3.1 when it was in productive use. And I think this machine ...
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How do I slow down the emulation in VMware and make it go "proper fullscreen" for Windows 3.11?

I have just managed to find and install my native language versions of MS-DOS 6 and Windows 3.11 in a virtual machine, just as I had on my first computer: an IBM 486 DX2 66 MHz. VM software: VMware ...
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How did AMD's 386 and 486 perform like Intel's newer generation?

AMD really started to come into its own as a competitor to Intel around the time of the Intel 80486 introduction. AMD countered Intel by shipping the popular (at least with PC enthusiasts) Am386-40, ...
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What year was my old, long-lost IBM PC born? And which form factor/model was it?

I've spent a ridiculous amount of time and effort over the years just trying to figure out what exact IBM product I grew up with. At last, I've finally established for 100% certain that it was a: IBM ...
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Why does the 80486 take longer to execute simple instructions than complex ones?

The 80486 processor can execute many instructions in a single cycle, such as a register-to-register add instruction (ADD EAX, EBX, for example), which one would generally assume is fairly complex, ...
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Why did Socket 3 have more pins than needed for the 486?

Intel's Socket 3, used for 486 processors, was a 19×19 pin grid array socket. However, all compatible processors, to my knowledge, used 17×17 PGA packages. What was the point of the extra pins around ...
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Bad floppy drive in T1910CS 486 laptop

I've recently picked up a Toshiba T1910CS 486 laptop. It's in OK shape, with a 500MB hard drive and DOS installed. I also ordered a USB floppy disk drive and some floppy disks so that I could install ...
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Were there 486SX revisions without an FPU on the die?

I know that the 486SX had its FPU disabled, maybe by binning 486 CPUs into those with and without functioning FPUs. But did Intel eventually make a 486SX revision without an FPU on the die?
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