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Significance of compass heading values 4100-8200 in an old game?

I'm developing a server for an old game client. The client sends the character's compass heading as a big-endian uint16 with a strange value. Due south is 4100. The value increases westward, ...
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2 answers

How does the Atari ST's VDI polygon filling algorithm work?

I recently noticed something in Neochrome as well as Larry Mears' "Instant Graphics and Sound" programs: Polygons have slightly different shapes depending on whether an outline is drawn or ...
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2 answers

What "spectacular to watch" algorithms were used for sorting tapes?

Python's heapq.__about__ variable contains an anecdote (François Pinard, circa 2000): [1] The disk balancing algorithms which are current, nowadays, are more annoying than clever, and this is a ...
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What is happening in this algorithm scaling an 8-bit 0-99 value to full-range 16-bit?

Can anyone help me understand what is happening inside this algorithm scaling an 8-bit value to 16-bit? PATCH_LOAD_QUANTISE_VALUE: ASLA LDAB #165 MUL ASLB ROLA RTS
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