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Questions tagged [amiga-3000]

For questions related to the Commodore Amiga 3000.

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68060 CLKEN and CLK pins

Using an 68060 to 68040 Amiga adapter on another brand. The adapter ties the 68040 BCLK to the 68060 CLKEN. The CLK pin on the adapter is left floating. To run the CPU with 1/2 bus will I need to ...
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How many Amiga 3000's were produced?

While revisiting this question: Seeking details relating to Amiga 3000 serial numbers I began to wonder how many actual Amiga 3000's were produced by Commodore. I suspect (like most production ...
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What are the needed jumper settings for a 68060 accelerator for an Amiga 3000T?

I'm trying to install a 68060 accelerator on an Amiga 3000T, but I cannot figure out the correct jumper settings. The information I've found online is: J100 CLK90 Delay jumper. This Jumper has three ...
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