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For questions related to the Commodore Amiga family of personal computers.

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What are all the patches that SetPatch applies to Kickstart?

SetPatch runs as the first command in the Startup-Sequence when Amiga boots up. It applies patches to the code in ROM to fix bugs and also enable features if necessary. For example, I seem to remember ...
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How many Amiga 3000's were produced?

While revisiting this question: Seeking details relating to Amiga 3000 serial numbers I began to wonder how many actual Amiga 3000's were produced by Commodore. I suspect (like most production ...
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How was the Amiga console supposed to work with only 32KB of RAM?

During the development of the Amiga, one of the targets was a game console with 32KB of RAM. How was it supposed to work? by blitting ahead of the beam with the Copper to avoid double buffering? was ...
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How does Amiga HDToolbox calculate size?

I've been toying around with various drive geometries using the classic HDToolbox from 2.x/3.1 on my Amiga. What I've discovered is the total size calculated is always 1 cylinder short of my own ...
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How can I replace the floppy drive mechanism in a A-1011/CD-1411

I have a Commodore CD-1411 external floppy drive which I connect to a CDTV. Unfortunately it is not reading any disks reliably anymore despite cleaning the heads. Inside I found a Chinon FB-354 rev D ...
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What are the needed jumper settings for a 68060 accelerator for an Amiga 3000T?

I'm trying to install a 68060 accelerator on an Amiga 3000T, but I cannot figure out the correct jumper settings. The information I've found online is: J100 CLK90 Delay jumper. This Jumper has three ...
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How many Amiga 590 units were sold?

The A590 was an external hard disk for the Amiga 500, in 'sidecar' form factor, that could also hold an extra megabyte of RAM. How many 590s were sold, throughout its life?
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