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Questions tagged [analogue-computer]

Use this tag for questions about historical analogue computers.

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Source For V2/A4 Missile Analog Guidance Computer Schematic?

As a retro computing hobby project, I'm researching Helmut Hoeltzer's (Hölzer's) work on the Mischgerät analog guidance computer for the V2/A4 ballistic missile, with the goal of validating a ...
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Does anyone remember analog computers in the early 70s? [closed]

In 1972, when I was 16, I was sent on a one-week computing course at the local technical college in Worcester (UK). I was one of a group of girls who were intending to take Maths A-level the following ...
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Did this analogue computer from 1960 really have Internet?

If you zoom in this image, to the leftmost, white "cell" in the middle "row" of the machine, it says, in the bottom, "INT NET":
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