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Questions tagged [apollo-guidance-computer]

The Apollo Guidance Computer was created in the 1960s for the Apollo space program. There are numerous simulators and replicas available.

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3 answers

Did the Apollo Guidance Computer or other multi-ROM machines subdivide code between ROM chips/modules to facilitate partial updates?

The Apollo Guidance Computer had its code stored in six modules that held 6 kwords of storage each, and the design of each module was such that changing even a single bit after construction would have ...
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Did the Apollo Guidance Computer really use 60% of the world's ICs in 1963?

This NASA webpage makes this claim about the Apollo Guidance Computer: By 1963, MIT - during the testing and development of the AGC Block I units - had ordered and consumed some 60% of the then ...
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How did restarts resolve parity errors triggered by broken core-rope wires?

In his account of the history of the Apollo Guidance Computer, Don Eyles describes the role of a parity bit as follows (p. 80): ... if one of those hair thin wires in our woven core-rope memory ...
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Apollo Guidance Computer and heat dissipation

The Apollo Guidance Computer, was built on RTL which apparently can let off a lot of heat, and deployed in environments where we cannot rely on convection to pull the heat away (not only in low ...
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21 votes
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Would a C compiler for the Apollo Guidance Computer be plausible?

The Apollo Guidance Computer was used to control the command/service module and lunar module on the missions to the moon. (Definitely a retrocomputer!) As noted in this answer, programs were written ...
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