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Questions tagged [apple-dos]

for questions about the Apple DOS operating system used on the Apple II series of microcomputers

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1 answer

Converting Apple II ProDOS blocks to DOS tracks and sectors

The 8-bit Apple II had two disk operating systems with different disk access semantics. DOS used tracks and sectors. A sector is 256 bytes. ProDOS used blocks. A block is 512 bytes. But mapping ...
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What is the VTOC format for an AppleDOS disk with more than 50 tracks?

I am trying to read files of an AppleDOS 3.3 disk. The documentation I've found, both from Inside AppleDOS and also from Archiveteams' website (which I believe was taken from Inside AppleDOS): http://...
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2 answers

Apple II: ProDOS partitions on floppy disks?

On the Apple II using ProDOS, was it possible to create partitions on a floppy disk? Would it be possible to have two or more partitions on a 140k 5.25" or 800k 3.5" disk? (The question here is not ...
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How could a 16-sector PROM Apple II access a 13-sector disk?

When the Disk ][ first came out for the Apple II, the PROMs on the interface card only knew how to work with a 13-sector format. Around 1980, the Disk ][ was updated with 16-sector PROMs either for ...
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