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The Apple II series of personal computers and related software and hardware. Use [apple-iigs] for the Apple IIgs in particular, or [apple] for Apple hardware in general.

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Apple II floppy drive, pressure pad cleaning or replacement?

This is related to the following question: Cleaning 5¼" floppy drives Is there a proper way to clean the pressure pad that simply presses against the back side of a single-sided 5.25-inch ...
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What would happen if the DHR jumper was enabled on a Rev A Apple //e?

The Apple //e originally did not support Double HiRes graphics (DHR). The engineers realized they could double their hires and lores X resolution shortly after the introduction of the machine, so the ...
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How can I connect a PIA or VIA chip to the Apple IIc?

I have an early Apple IIc, model A2S4000 with the 342-0272 motherboard and ROM 255. (I am considering upgrading the ROM, perhaps with a switch that would let me switch between different ROM versions.) ...
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Cost of Apple II switching power supply

Apple went to the trouble of designing a switching power supply at a time when they were still quite new and not widely used for consumer electronics, perhaps because Steve Jobs liked the aesthetics ...
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Did any DOS 3.3 variants relocate start of BASIC?

A common annoyance when programming in BASIC on the Apple II is that 6K of BASIC storage area falls before the start of the first hires screen, with another big chunk of storage falling after it. On ...
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Were the Apple II patents, obstacles to cloning?

The Apple II was a simple design relative to its retail price, so attractive to cloners. This naturally led to many lawsuits, at least one of which actually established new copyright law. https://en....
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Does anybody have information on this tube?

I need to know if this is a color or monochrome tube. It’s in an applecolor A2M6020
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Apple II DMA daisy chain also used to arbitrate /INH?

On the Apple II series of computers, peripheral cards contend for bus mastership through a priority daisy-chain system. A peripheral card is only allowed to perform DMA if its DMA_IN line is at logic ...
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Defective Apple IIe motherboard

I have a PAL Apple IIe, put in service in 1982. Components C9, C12, C15, and C17 on the 820-0073-B motherboard are burnt out. I originally thought they appear to be power diodes, but seem to be 10 µF ...
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Frozen horizontal width coil in old CRT monitor

I have an old Apple IIe CRT monitor which could use a small horizontal width adjustment. Unfortunately, as I try to rotate the hex key in the coil with a CRT adjustment tool, it doesn't want to move. ...
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