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Questions tagged [apple-lisa]

For questions about the Lisa, introduced by Apple in 1983.

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9 votes
2 answers

What was the screen refresh rate of the Lisa and original Macintosh?

According to The Apple II displayed white text on a black background. I argued that to do graphics properly ...
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27 votes
1 answer

Why were pipes removed from the Lisa?

I was recently looking at some documentation for programming the Apple Lisa: and I was surprised how advanced it was for the time. It had a lot of features ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Was the Mac XL hardware different from the last versions of the Lisa?

The Lisa was a fairly impressive platform for the day. In comparison to the original Macintosh, the two did have different displays and aspect ratios but the Lisa also had additional hardware such as ...
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20 votes
9 answers

Were there any commercially available graphical interfaces before the apple Lisa?

I just finished the Steve Jobs biography and I thought... Was the apple Lisa really the first commercially available Graphical interface? This is just out of interest but I'll be really interested ...
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