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For questions about Apple's Macintosh line of computers.

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Which versions of StuffIt introduced backwards-incompatible changes to the file format?

In order to help people who want to integration-test tools which shell out to The Unarchiver's lsar and unar utilities, I'm trying to build a legally clean repository of test archives in StuffIt SIT ...
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Find the PGP SDK

Starting in 1998 (I think) the PGP company run by Phil Zimmerman released the PGP SDK for Mac, Unix and Windows. This was a big event because it was the first time that comprehensive, high grade ...
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Name of application that showed cursor coordinates (both global and local)

There was a classic Macintosh shareware/freeware application - which may have been a CDEV/INIT (control panel or extension), DA (desk accessory), or an application - that displayed both the global and ...
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How does the Apple IIgs color compare to the Apple Macintosh color?

There has been an interesting discussion of how to convert Classic Macintosh Color to sRGB, which begs a second question. How does color on the IIgs compare to that of Classic Macintosh? I'm asking ...
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Anyone have a working Apple 13" Trinitron display?

I'd like to add an image of the Trinitron's tungsten wire that was visible on the lower half of the Apple 13" display to the Wikipedia article on the Trinitron. If anyone has one of these ...
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