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Did ARPANET hosts have some kind of name resolving before 1974?

I'm trying to complete some information on the history of DNS and name resolution in networking. I've found some information on ARPANET and BBN's protocols relying on the numerical machine code for ...
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ARPANET IMP topology using NCP

According to Internet Daemons, the notion of 'gateways' was introduced practically simultaneously with the TCP protocol. From what I have read, early NCP addresses were 8 bits: 2 to specify the host ...
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How fast was ARPANET?

I've heard that the first time a message was sent through it was "lo" since the SDS 940 crashed before the full message of "login" was able to be sent through. However, I have been ...
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did people already connect computer with other computers (like a LAN/Intranet) before ARPANET/NPL that sparked the Internet? [closed]

As far as I understand ARPANET and NPL shared the goal to make data transmission scalable and reliable over large distances between many computers/networks. Of course to make the internet today, ...
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Data on the BBN C/70?

I am trying to find info on the BBN C/70, a 1970s minicomputer (roughly equivalent to a high-end PDP-11) which played a role in the early days of the ARPANET (predecessor or Internet) The thing that ...
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How the first ARPANET connection was established?

I would like to know how the first "Lo 'message in the ARPANET network was sent. As far as I know - the so-called mainframes were connected through Interface Message Processors (IMPs, known today ...
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Was ARPANET connecting mainframes or terminals?

I would like to understand the stories of the internet, but each source says something completely different. I know that ARPANET was going to connect computers at different universities with each ...
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4 answers

Anecdote in Weinberger's Psychology of Computer Programming: is it ARPANET?

Gerald Weinberger, in the 1971 book The Psychology of Computer Programming, gives the following anecdote: The numerous stages [of reporting?] can produce interesting effects, as a result of filtering ...
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How and what did it mean to connect to ARPANET from home?

In the iWoz biography, I read: Now, TV terminals I already knew a little about. […] I'd already built a terminal that could access the ARPANET, the government-owned network of computers that was the ...
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