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Questions tagged [arpanet]

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26 votes
3 answers

How and what did it mean to connect to ARPANET from home?

In the iWoz biography, I read: Now, TV terminals I already knew a little about. […] I'd already built a terminal that could access the ARPANET, the government-owned network of computers that was the ...
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19 votes
3 answers

How fast was ARPANET?

I've heard that the first time a message was sent through it was "lo" since the SDS 940 crashed before the full message of "login" was able to be sent through. However, I have been ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Was ARPANET connecting mainframes or terminals?

I would like to understand the stories of the internet, but each source says something completely different. I know that ARPANET was going to connect computers at different universities with each ...
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10 votes
4 answers

Anecdote in Weinberger's Psychology of Computer Programming: is it ARPANET?

Gerald Weinberger, in the 1971 book The Psychology of Computer Programming, gives the following anecdote: The numerous stages [of reporting?] can produce interesting effects, as a result of filtering ...
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2 answers

Data on the BBN C/70?

I am trying to find info on the BBN C/70, a 1970s minicomputer (roughly equivalent to a high-end PDP-11) which played a role in the early days of the ARPANET (predecessor or Internet) The thing that ...
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1 answer

ARPANET IMP topology using NCP

According to Internet Daemons, the notion of 'gateways' was introduced practically simultaneously with the TCP protocol. From what I have read, early NCP addresses were 8 bits: 2 to specify the host ...
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3 votes
3 answers

How the first ARPANET connection was established?

I would like to know how the first "Lo 'message in the ARPANET network was sent. As far as I know - the so-called mainframes were connected through Interface Message Processors (IMPs, known today ...
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2 votes
3 answers

did people already connect computer with other computers (like a LAN/Intranet) before ARPANET/NPL that sparked the Internet? [closed]

As far as I understand ARPANET and NPL shared the goal to make data transmission scalable and reliable over large distances between many computers/networks. Of course to make the internet today, ...
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