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Questions about IBM AS/400 midrange computing platform, and its operating system OS/400.

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What was the last release of OS/400 to support CISC hardware?

What was the last release of OS/400 to support CISC (i.e IMPI) hardware? And when was it released?
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Uninstalling OS/400 by deleting one program

This is about the AS/400 which is an IBM mini-computer launched in 1988. It lives on today after several name changes and considerable hardware and software changes. It is still often informally ...
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What programming languages were most commonly used on the AS/400 in the 90s?

The IBM AS/400, formerly known as System/38, subsequently known as i (sic), is remarkable in being essentially the most future-proof of all the minicomputers, thanks among other things to the use of ...
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Can I restore an S/38 program to a current IBM i?

The IBM System/38 or just S/38 was an IBM mini-computer launched in 1978. I don't know when IBM stopped marketing it but their AS/400 was released in 1988 and it was very easy to switch from the S/38 ...
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