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Questions about IBM AS/400 midrange computing platform, and its operating system OS/400.

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Uninstalling OS/400 by deleting one program

This is about the AS/400 which is an IBM mini-computer launched in 1988. It lives on today after several name changes and considerable hardware and software changes. It is still often informally ...
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What programming languages were most commonly used on the AS/400 in the 90s?

The IBM AS/400, formerly known as System/38, subsequently known as i (sic), is remarkable in being essentially the most future-proof of all the minicomputers, thanks among other things to the use of ...
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IMPI Instruction set: is there any reference?

I've had an IBM 9404 B-10 for some time and I'm curious about its assembly language. I'm fully aware the AS lines were designed with portability in mind as much IBM didn't seem to provide assembly ...
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IBM AS/400 connection via SNASW on Cisco Router

TL; DR: How can I connect two old AS/400 machines via SNA when the only transport mechanism between the physical locations is IP? AnyNet isn't an option, see below. A friend of mine and I have two IP ...
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What was the last release of OS/400 to support CISC hardware?

What was the last release of OS/400 to support CISC (i.e IMPI) hardware? And when was it released?
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What series of AS/400 is the 9406 F2?

I am considering the acquisition of an old IBM AS/400 midrange computer. The provider has stated the model is "9406 F2". I have dived into the AS/400 information provided by IBM in their own ...
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Can I restore an S/38 program to a current IBM i?

The IBM System/38 or just S/38 was an IBM mini-computer launched in 1978. I don't know when IBM stopped marketing it but their AS/400 was released in 1988 and it was very easy to switch from the S/38 ...
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