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For questions related to the Atari BASIC interpreter and language.

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What made some 8-bit BASIC interpreters especially slow?

Most 8-bit systems had a BASIC interpreter that ran at a rate roughly commensurate with the CPU type, speed, memory bandwidth and interrupt status. Some systems, however, had interpreters that ran at ...
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Tool used to develop videogames with an Atari ST

I am a owner of Atari ST, and I would like to know software and tools used for the programmers for this computer to program mainly video games. For example: IDE used Language (I think it was Basic, ...
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How can you measure time using BASIC on Atari XL computers?

Some time ago, I benchmarked some 8-bit computers to find out the fastest BASIC interpreter. I ended up using the classic SAXPY benchmark, as I didn't want any I/O overhead to fool the measurement: ...
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How can I interface with an old Atari from a modern computer?

I have an old 8bit Atari at my dad's house which would be fun to play with. It has a keyboard, computer and screen, turn it on, and program BASIC. But I'll possibly want to load the code from a ...
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What was the difference between CLOAD and LOAD "C:"?

8-bit Atari Basic had three different formats of storing programs on tape. CLOAD/CSAVE LOAD "C:"/SAVE "C:" ENTER "C:"/LIST "C:" I understand the specifics of the last one - it behaved as if the ...
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How does one convert Atari assembly to A=USR(ADR("[garble]")) style BASIC wrapper?

Some small utilities, tools etc for Atari were distributed as BASIC programs that would consist of just one line, that looked something like this: 10 A=USR(ADR("p$PHHLéúÿÿÇEéúÿÿ@éüÿÿ2A$éòùÿÿE°U´è§...
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