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Questions tagged [atari]

For questions about different versions of, and products for, Atari consoles and home computers.

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How much did Atari pay for GEM?

Atari licensed Digital Research's GEM graphic user interface for the ST. As puts it: And of course in the wake of the Macintosh the ...
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Atari SM144 Horizontal lines after turning off then on

I recently bought an Atari SM144 monochrome monitor so I could play with an old Atari ST. It works to a certain degree, it turns on all good and I can play for a while, but after some time it gives ...
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Why did Gran Trak 10 cost so much?

In 1974, Atari released a driving game called Gran Trak 10. The development prototypes had used real car steering wheels and pedals, but it was realized these were too expensive, so they were changed ...
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Atari 1040 STFM power supply issue & high-pitch noise

I have an Atari 1040 STFM that's been sitting in the basement for about 30 years. It doesn't power on. The power indicator light is not illuminated and there's a high-pitch noise coming from the power ...
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How does the Hard Drivin' game engine work?

Hard Drivin' is a classic Atari video game released in the arcades and then ported to many home systems. How does the game engine work? How is the world data handled, how is collision detection done ...
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