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For questions concerning the compatibility of newer systems with the earlier systems that came before them.

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Why did some BIOSes have the timer tick wrap around at 1800B1h instead of at 1800B0h?

The 1989 2nd edition of the DOS PROGRAMMER'S REFERENCE says: Midnight is determined as the number of ticks in a complete day of 86400 seconds (1573040 ticks of the clock, for a total elapsed time of ...
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How much PlayStation 1 hardware in the PS2?

In my opinion, the PS2 remains the best way to experience original PlayStation 1 games, short of an actual PS1 console. The ability of the PS2 to mimic/emulate the PS1 hardware seems really good, ...
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32 votes
2 answers

Why did the Z80 break 8080 compatibility?

Although the Z80 is nearly fully backward compatible with the Intel 8080, there are minor differences such as the Z80 handling the parity flag differently with certain operations. Why? Would providing ...
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Internet services that are still compatible with devices (phones/pdas from 2000-2007) [closed]

Though I can identify some technologies like following, I would like to know which ones will surely fail and which ones are worth to test on my old Palm, Symbian, WindowsCE,... Web Issues with ...
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2 answers

Why did the PlayStation 2 implement backward compatibility that way?

It is well known that the PlayStation 2 implemented compatibility with the previous console by essentially incorporating a PS1 on a chip. The fact of backward compatibility is unremarkable as far as ...
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20 votes
4 answers

What was the first console to have temporary backward compatibility?

The first five generations of game consoles typically had no backward compatibility. New console, new hardware design, new games. (An exception was the Atari 7800, which as far as I know was the first ...
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Is the NES controller port identical to the port on a Wii remote?

I was recently playing on a friend's NES Classic, and noticed that the controller ports look similar to the ones on a Wii remote (where you can plug in the Numchuck or Class Controller). Keep in mind ...
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