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BASIC: a high-level programming language favored in retro systems. For dialect-specific questions, use a tag such as [microsoft-basic], [applesoft-basic], etc.

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In search of.... SeaWar -- NOT Battleship!

Hopefully, sufficient background Many years ago (40-45), I used to play "Sea War" on a good sized time-share system. It was a text/adventure war game between a couple remote players, played over a ...
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First use of MID/LEFT/RIGHT string functions

I know that BASIC-PLUS definitely used MID/LEFT/RIGHT functions, as one can see on page 5-13 of the manual. It is worth pointing out that these did not exist in the original PDP-11 basic. BASIC-PLUS ...
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DTSS software list?

I'm continuing my effort to track down the original author of the early game Chase. I have pretty much concluded it was written on the GE-635 running Dartmouth Time Sharing System (DTSS) and Dartmouth ...
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What did the 32K RAM Memory Expansion Cartridge do for V-Tech PreComputers?

As a youngster in 1994, I was the happy recipient of a V-Tech PreComputer ThinkBook. The device had many built in games and activities, including a version of BASIC programming. It also had an ...
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What is this tool that was once used to teach beginner level BASIC?

In the early 1980's there was a small handheld device that looked like a calculator. It was a tool to teach beginner level programming in BASIC. Its ad slogan was "keep it near you". I never had one ...
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