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Linux BBS software from the year 1992

What was the right name of a software platform for some Linux BBSs in the year 1992? "Galactico" if I remember well...
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Telnet BBS — server side with Synchronet [closed]

I have restored a Commodore 64 and equipped it with a "WiFi modem", which allows me to connect to Telnet BBS sites over the internet. So far so good for the client side. Server-side, I am ...
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1990s BBS game featuring mining elements from a planet

Sometime in the 90s (sorry, can't be more specific) I used to dial in to a BBS and play a multi-player game that involved manually mining elements from a planet. It was very detailed, you got employed ...
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Is there a softmodem driver package for Linux?

I'd like to run an old-school BBS that can be dialed into over a real phone line. Unfortunately, I don't currently have the necessary hardware to do so. I had the idea of purchasing a VPS and then ...
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How and what did it mean to connect to ARPANET from home?

In the iWoz biography, I read: Now, TV terminals I already knew a little about. […] I'd already built a terminal that could access the ARPANET, the government-owned network of computers that was the ...
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Is it still possible to access a BBS via dial up internet on the C64 (or other retro computers)

I was wondering if it is still possible to access any online BBS using dial up and an 80's era computer. I'm aware that some dial up internet providers still exist (eg Nippy Internet in the UK), but ...
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Where to find ancient wavy cursor program 'cyclops'?

In the period of about 1987-1988 I downloaded a small compiled program from a BBS in the 512 area. I don't know anything about the author but the file was named 'cyclops.' I can't be sure if it had a ....
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YMODEM specification problem?

I'm looking over the documents for YMODEM found here. Scroll down to page 8, the section on 1-k blocks. Note that the protocol can switch between 1024 and 128 bytes by sending an STX or SOH. Now ...
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How do Bulletin Board Systems work? [closed]

Recently, I've been very interested in old-school bulletin board systems (BBS) from the 90s. I'm interested in building my own (mostly as just a fun challenge), but to be honest, I'm not totally sure ...
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What was the service offered by US Sprint for long distance data connections in the late 1980's?

Back in the 1980's long distance telephone calls were ridiculously expensive. This led more than one young aspiring geek to misuse the phone network when making those oh so important calls to BBS's ...
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Whatever happened to the janus protocol

Back in the day, when I was running a bbs, blinkyterm was just coming out with the new janus bidirectional file transfer protocol which was hoped to displace zmodem et al for bbs to bbs file transfer (...
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Is there a simple way to display ANSI art and animation files in a modern terminal window?

ANSI art and animations were prevalent on BBS systems in the late 80s and early 90s, and the ANSI art scene continues to thrive today. There are thousands of ANSI art files, with usual extension .ans, ...
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How was parity used with modems?

On the back of this question which talks about 5- and 6-bit communications, I remember back in the BBS days that it was common to set your terminal to 8N1, (a.k.a. 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit) to ...
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