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Bootstrapping (booting) process, utilities and customisation.

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What does a "DK" signature mean at the start of track 0 sector 3 of a Dragon 32/64 floppy disk?

I'm looking at disk image files for the Dragon 32 / Dragon 64 computers. The Dragon computers are very similar to the Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer "CoCo" but are not clones and are not the ...
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What computer (possibly a PC compatible) rendered a spinning floppy disk on the screen on a boot error?

I recall seeing an IBM PC compatible or similar system many years ago in a business environment that had a distinctive boot error screen. The system showed a spinning floppy disk on the screen, ...
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FreeDOS and USB support

I have an old Fujitsu LifeBook that I want to install Windows 98 on. I burned a Windows 98 CD and verified it works, but the LifeBook's CD drive cant seem to read it. I do know the CD drive works, as ...
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