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Questions tagged [british-computers]

Hardware, software, and people associated with computer development in the UK.

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Looking for help understanding a 'Reciproot' routine on the Manchester Mark I (1951)

I'm hoping to understand a routine written for the Manchester Mark I [NOTE: a comment from Raffzahn suggests this may be the Ferranti (wikipedia link) and not the Manchester Mark I] which computes ...
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2 votes
3 answers

When/where was datum and limit relocation invented?

I recently "attended" a meeting of the UK Computer Conservation Society on the subject of LEO (Lyons Electronic Office; Lyons was a bakery and cafeteria business that found itself designing ...
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8 votes
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How much did the RM 380Z weigh?

The Research Machines 380Z was an early British microcomputer, released in 1977. Unlike many other early microcomputers, the design was industrial style, a hefty metal box, sometimes described as '...
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First 386 PC on sale in the UK

In the early days of personal computers, there was something of a delay in the technology crossing the Atlantic, and when American computers did arrive in the UK, they tended to be expensive relative ...
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28 votes
14 answers

History of non-American software/hardware/CS theory development, 1940s-1980s?

I am curious to learn about any developments in computer theory, hardware, and software that took place outside of the United States, in the middle of last century (~1940s-1980s). I have read 'Where ...
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2 answers

What 20th-century computers besides KDF9 replicated hardware for each concurrently-running program?

The KDF9 (English Electric, 1963) had a hardware option for timesharing. This provided four instances of most per-program context: the nest (16-deep expression evaluation stack), the subroutine jump ...
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