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What were/are "T-cables" and what makes them thinner and less expensive compared to coax cables? [closed]

From a 1951 comic book, as seen on /r/retrofuturism just now: World-wide television programs will be the staple of the day. Reason: present television programs originating in other ciites are carried ...
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Parallel port to IDE cable standard?

For parallel port to IDE devices, known as parallel IDE, I am wondering if there is a parallel cable standard? Or if standard parallel cables should work? Background: A friend bought an Imation LS-120 ...
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Why did the IBM PC design twist 7 wires in the FDC cable and not 3

The point of the twist was to exchange drive select A and B, so that all floppies could be sold with the drive select jumper in the second slot, and thus their position on the cable would cause them ...
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IBM Model F XT is typing random characters / what cable is this?

I have actually two of these ModelM keyboards, they are a pleasure to use and make a fantastic sound. The other one is from the 90s, takes a small PS2 adapter and works without a problem. This one ...
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Why does my PlayStation RGB video cable cause the picture to be all orange-y unless pressure is applied?

In 2005, I bought an RGB cable for my old (~1996) PlayStation. It seemed to work at first. I don't remember when, but at some point, it started acting oddly. Since, whenever I plug it in, it displays ...
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Why are symmetric bi-directional communication port cables not always crossover cables?

There are a number of bi-directional communication port standards in which cables are used to connect two identical ports, and usually those connect each pin of one port to the same pin of the other ...
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Is a S-VIDEO-to-RCA cable worse video signal quality than an S-VIDEO-to-SCART cable?

When I got my Sega Saturn way back, it came with a video cable that is S-VIDEO in the Saturn end and SCART in the TV end (no adapter). It has always given me very crisp and nice picture on all the TVs ...
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What was the earliest that it would have been practical to manufacture a USB-C plug for consumers?

In the early 1980's, plugs with low pin density like DB-25 were common on home computers. The industry was still relatively small, not everything in the manufacturing chain was automated. I assume a ...
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