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Why have consumer-level graphing calculators seemingly not developed in 20+ years?

I am not a mathematician, though I was reading up on the various technological advancements of calculating technology. The TI-84Plus was released in 2004. I used it in high school; it cost me around $...
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What was this Desktop Programmable Calculator circa 1975

In 1975, my high school computer lab (Maryland USA) had 3 computing devices/terminals. One was a Teletype connected to an offsite mainframe via an acoustical modem. Our class assignments were on this. ...
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CRT-Screen-Compact-Desktop-Calculators of the 60's, could versions of this tech have been made as word-processors or even video-games? [closed]

CRT-Screen-Compact-Desktop-Calculators of the 60's, could versions of this tech have been made as word-processors or even video-games? Word-Processors - How difficult would it have been to save what ...
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What is purpose of the “CH” button and “CH” switch position on this calculator?

What is purpose of the CH button and CH switch position on the Omron Elite 8002 Taschen-Rechner? (For those who don't know German, “Taschen-Rechner” just means “calculator”.) The switch has three ...
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Can the TMS1802/0102, or specifically the Sinclair Executive calculator, handle an attempt to divide by zero?

There's a sort of urban legend among people I've spoken to about Sinclair that the Executive calculator can't divide by 0. Specifically, if you do this then it goes into a busy loop, cannot be used, ...
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How do I round up on a TI-84+ [closed]

I'm using a TI-84+ and am trying to setup an equation that requires rounding up I know how to round and round down with the TI-84 but I can't seem to figure out how to round up Edit: the 'round down'...
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Did any mechanical computers or calculators handle divide by zero with an exception, or did they all loop?

I just saw this video of a mechanical calculator dividing by zero. Did any mechanical calculators or computers ever provide for a failure mode on divide by zero? Or did they always handle it by ...
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Early programmable calculators with RS-232

In the early seventies, companies like HP and Wang sold 'programmable desktop calculators' that were really personal computers in the time before what is usually thought of as the dawn of personal ...
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When did computers stop needing to be marketed as calculators?

According to The Hewlett-Packard 9100A (hp 9100A) is an early programmable calculator[3] (or computer), first appearing in 1968. HP called it a ...
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TI-86 sound capabilities

Is TI-86 calculator capable of producing sounds? In what ways the sound is produced (like timers, beeper bits or alike) if yes? If no, are there any mods that add this capability?
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Why did TI-8x calculator series use the Z80 processor?

Many early Texas Instruments calculators used a Z80 processor. The Z80 is notoriously limited when it comes to mathematical calculation. For example, while it can do addition, multiplication must be ...
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TI-BASIC Interpreter for Mac

I've been trying to golf more in TI-BASIC and was wondering if there was an interpreter available for Mac. Bonus points if it is still being actively maintained.
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TI-83 Series Graphing Calculator Emulator

Back in middle school I set up a Windows/DOS TI-83 calculator emulator for some of my teachers. I can't for the life of me remember the name, but I'm looking for a Mac TI-83 emulator (or any TI-8x ...
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