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Can you name this 386/486 era computer case?

Escort Computer is a Local PC brand in Turkey. They had popular Escort Multimedia series in late 90's. Prominent with distinctive case design. They were using off the shelf OEM hardware. I believe, ...
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Manual of Resident Evil 4 Greatest Hits version for PS2 is too large for the case [closed]

I just bought a used copy of RE4 for PS2 and saw that the Greatest Hits version of the manual was all wrinkled. I improved it by putting it under a pile of heavy books for a couple days just to ...
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Did Commodore ever produce gray colored Commodore 64?

The Commodore 64 was produced for a 12 years from 1982 to 1994. It had several iterations of case color, keyboard color & keyboard labels, badge etc. Commodore was famous for using whatever parts ...
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Was there a technical advantage to such tall PC tower cases?

I saw a tweet today about what it claims is "the tallest PC case" which appears to have been made by SuperMicro: Further tweets in the thread include pictures of the inside of the case, ...
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Glue to attach rubber feet to a PC case?

I have an old PC case. I spray painted it because it was a little bit rusty. Now I'm trying to attach a set of rubber feet to it, but I have no idea what kind of glue to use. I tried hot glue, but it ...
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Best way to swap IBM PC case badge?

A while back, I purchased an original IBM PC (5150). The seller had an improper top case or badge on it, as the badge actually said it was an XT (5160) instead. After confirming that it is indeed a ...
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What are the sizes of the hex nut drivers in the classic "nine piece" computer toolkit [closed]

Back in the 1990's many vendors sold those cheap nine piece kits that held, among other things, two Philips screwdrivers: #1 and #2, a couple of flat head screwdrivers, and a pair of hex nut drivers. ...
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Commodore 64 board dimensions

What are the dimensions of the C64 motherboard? I am specifically asking this because I am considering using a 64C case (these still seem to be in production) for an 8-bit homebrew machine. I wonder ...
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Why were most PCs and electronics beige back in the day?

Back in the day (especially during the 70's and 80's), it seems that most computers and electronics were colored 'beige'. It seems it would be easy to use different colors, so why didn't they? Some ...
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IBM PS/2 Model 56 486 SLC2 Faceplate replacement

I'm trying to track down a replacement faceplate for an IBM PS/2 Model 56. Mine was broken during shipping. Anybody have any ideas where I could find one?
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Is the 3000T's case made by Commodore, or was it stock from elsewhere?

Is the 3000T's case made by Commodore, or was it stock from elsewhere? I need a side panel for one.
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3 answers

What was the standard size of a PC clone's badge indent?

Generic beige-box PC clones like the ones pictured here often had an indent for the manufacturer's badge to be stuck on. Were these all a standard size, and if so, what were the dimensions?
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Why don't manufacturers make handheld computers like the Jornada 720 any more? [closed]

One of my favorite PCs in old times were HP Jornada handheld pcs(680, 720) - perfect match of usable hardware keyboard, large-enough screen, protected by keyboard when closed, and usable OS designed ...
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Wider tower cases

Desktop computers have been in tower cases for a long time; in some cases since the eighties, per When did the tower form factor appear and when did it become popular? The form of tower cases has ...
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Is it possible to chemically remove spray paint from 1990's PC cases (specifically the plastic front covers)?

I have in my possession a stack (like 7 or 8) DELL P60 desktop computers. Unfortunately some idiot (cough, me, cough) thought it was a good idea (about 15+ years ago) to spray paint them all black. ...
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Why the exterior of PC towers and monitors used to be white in the 90's and now is black? [closed]

White got dirty pretty quick. Why would they chose that color? And why MAC still keep it but other manufacturers do not.
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Why did computers use a power supply with a socket?

Most home electrical appliances use a fixed power cord and have a on/off switch near the front. I was in many government electronics labs and that cord and socket was not used i.e HP test equipment. ...
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Why plastic cases?

Early computers of the 'all in one' form factors, such as the Commodore PET, the early IBM microcomputers and later models of the TRS-80, as well as the 'box' form factors such as the Altair, used a ...
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When did the tower form factor appear and when did it become popular?

Essentially, my question is there in the title. Tower cases are commonplace these days, and probably are the "default" form factor for personal computers (or at least were, before they were surpassed ...
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Is the metal shielding required in all-in-one Amiga models?

All-in-one Amiga computers (500, 600, 1200) have metal shielding surrounding the mainboard. It is in two parts, one below the mainboard and one on top. The mainboard is physically linked to the lower ...
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What size screws were used in the Amiga desktop cases?

On the Amiga 500, 500+, 600, and 1200, what size screws were used to hold the chassis together? Is it the same size screw for all, different screws per machine, different screws front and rear, or ...
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