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for questions about CD-ROM discs and drives

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3 answers

How does the CD audio connector work?

I am building a retro computer and found out that old CD drives have audio output connectors. But how does it work? The computer can read all data from the CD using ATAPI/IDE. Why is there an ...
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2 answers

How did the Sega CD decompress video?

In the early nineties, Sega released the Sega CD, a.k.a. Mega CD, an add-on that attached a CD-ROM drive to the Mega Drive a.k.a. Genesis. Its primary or at least most conspicuous use was for full-...
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2 answers

Could early nineties PCs access raw CD bitstream?

In the early nineties, as discussed in What specific technical advance(s) allowed PCs to play "Full-screen full-motion" video? it became commonplace for PC games to use the storage capacity ...
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Where can I donate Old Mags and Media in bulk in UK?

I am taking advantage of lockdown(s) and scanning/imaging all old media to, but would like to donate the boxes when finished. A bit like Donating old Computer Shopper Magazines The Centre ...
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