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A clone is a device based on one companies design, by a second party.

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2 answers

Why did nobody ever succeed in "clean room" cloning the Apple Macintosh?

As is well recorded, in the PC/MS-DOS world, Compaq and Phoenix (among others) successfully "clean-room" implemented their own versions of the IBM BIOS, thus opening the door to the PC clone ...
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What is the technical definition of "clone" that makes the K1810VM88 (К1810ВМ88) not a clone of the 8088?

The Clueless Engineer YouTube channel posted a video yesterday exploring a Soviet K1810VM88 CPU he got from Ukraine. Apparently he originally used the wording in the video title that the K1810VM88 was ...
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When did megahertz turbo displays first appear?

Although I love the AT cases that have a numerical clock speed display, I think it must have originally been some gimmick by a lower-level clone manufacturer. I can't think of an IBM or Compaq model ...
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When was the end of the floppy-only IBM PC clone?

Can we pinpoint in what year the number of IBM-compatible PCs (whether original IBM machines or clones) sold without a hard disk drive became so negligible that almost all new commercial software, ...
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What computer is this, a clone of a ZX Spectrum?

Recently I stumbled over this article with an interesting teaser image. It shows some home computer, presumably of the eighties. Unfortunately the image is too blurry to read the keywords on the keys: ...
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Were the Apple II patents, obstacles to cloning?

The Apple II was a simple design relative to its retail price, so attractive to cloners. This naturally led to many lawsuits, at least one of which actually established new copyright law. https://en....
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iRMX bootsector on a iRMX partition how to clone?

I have an old year 2000 instrument which has a 340MB hard drive. I am trying to clone the hard drive but I am having major issues. First the instrument uses iRMX and MSDOS the bios is using the CHS ...
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Large number of Famiclones

I was looking the other day some NES clone footage, and I was surprised to find out that there is a ton of them. I am wondering, how could they be so many since Nintendo did not use standard off the ...
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How does DRAM refresh work in the Leningrad?

The Leningrad uses the КР565РУ5 chip, which is the same as a 4164. It contains 64kbits of DRAM, and the datasheet says that each of the 256 row addressed need to be strobed every 4ms. I can see how ...
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2 answers

Build a hardware clone or emulator of Apple II?

These days we are constantly seeing low-cost boards that have huge power (raspberry pi, various arduino-like microcontrollers.) I am hoping I could make, or get, a clone or emulation of an Apple II ...
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3 answers

What was the standard size of a PC clone's badge indent?

Generic beige-box PC clones like the ones pictured here often had an indent for the manufacturer's badge to be stuck on. Were these all a standard size, and if so, what were the dimensions?
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2 answers

How compatible is the Leningrad clone with the "original" ZX Spectrum?

In Leningrad they developed a clone of the ZX Spectrum, replacing the ULA by some TTL logic. Some of my speculations: In the USSR, the analog TV sets used SECAM, not PAL, so I imagine that the ...
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36 votes
5 answers

Which ports are which on this Soviet ZX Spectrum clone?

Today I got my (first) Soviet ZX Spectrum clone. The person who sold it to me had inherited it and had no idea how it worked. It seems to be a home-made clone, rather than a factory-built one. See ...
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Who were the first engineers to "cleanroom" the IBM PC BIOS?

In the first season of the AMC show Halt & Catch Fire, the protagonist "Cameron Howe" is introduced. Cameron portrays a rookie engineer who is recruited for being extraordinarily talented, and is ...
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Timex 2048 RAM contention ULA/video output

I used to own a Timex TC-2048 ZX Spectrum 48K compatible clone. I programmed it in assembly extensively, both for fun and when learning, and also when testing things for writing my own ZX Spectrum ...
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