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For questions about different versions of, and products for, Coleco consoles (ColecoVision, Spectravideo SV-603, Dina) and home computers (Adam).

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What floppy disk format and layout and what disk image format are used for the Coleco Adam?

I just found out that emulators for the Coleco Adam use a disk image file format with the DSK file extension. This is a very very overused extension on many different disk formats. Though a few DSK ...
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Is the Coleco computer from The Simpsons based on a real computer?

In the episode Lisa Gets an "A" of The Simpsons, there is a fictional computer called Coleco: Is that computer based on a real one or are there any records of computers resembling that?
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Why is the ColecoVision AC adapter so big?

Why is it ColecoVision AC adapter so big? I never had seen someting like this in any console of the era or even after it. What are the design choices made by the designers? Was it to turn the project ...
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What are the major differences between the ColecoVision and the SG-1000?

According to Wikipedia, the ColecoVision and the Sega SG-1000 were almost identical. I'm curious about that "almost" part. For example, they both used the same video generator (TMS9918/28). ...
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