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for questions about the worth or value of retrocomputing hardware and software

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14 votes
3 answers

How do you recognize an early production model Commodore 64?

The Commodore 64 was the most popular single retro-computer produced, probably selling something like 15 million units. Clearly, the C64 is not "rare", but early revisions from 1982 are highly prized ...
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2 answers

Found an IBM 5291. What is it, from when, and how much is it worth?

So, I found one of these: (It's as if it's new, it wasn't ever used, it sat on a bookshelf next to an old CRT monitor, it also has every part). On the front there's a small gray box with the text ...
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8 votes
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How do you determine the value of vintage computer equipment?

I have a number of items (among them, old (80s) Apple memorabilia and a nylon flag that's about 2m², featuring the Cupertino font). I'm thinking of selling these (possibly in conjunction with some ...
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