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For questions about the different versions and products of the Commodore 64

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Oxford C compiler for Commodore 64

I kept one floppy from my Commodore 128 (which I used mostly in C64 mode), labelled ‘Oxford C compiler’. It is a 5.25″ floppy. Don't ask me why I kept just this one; probably because I thought I ...
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Is there a simple BASIC program that demonstrates SID6581 distortion?

Many songs use a SID6581 design "flaw", distortion, as an effect. I tried experimenting with the filter and resonance registers, but was unable to reproduce the sound. What conditions are necessary ...
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Identify C64 Game About Firemen

I'm searching for an old game for the C64, it was about a group of firemen. I last played it in the 1989, 32 years ago, so I do not remember it very well. I remember only that the firemen don't want ...
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What percentage of the SID was control versus voices?

I'm interested in specifics of the design and manufacturing of the SID, the sound chip of the Commodore 64. There is a good die photo here
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Commodore tape drive performance specs

Over the years during which Commodore sold tape drives, there have been a few different versions of the drive with different analog electronics. I'm interested in experimenting with "turbo" tape ...
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Running Codenet on a Commodore 64 Emulator

I finally managed to get basic networking stuff working on VICE, thanks to another thread on Retrocomputing. I'm now wondering how to setup a Codenet server emulation. I was able to identify four ...
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How to Perform RR-Net MK3 Detection on VICE Commodore 64 Emulator?

RR-Net documentation describes a detection algorithm for the MK3 model. The algorithm is supposed to reveal the last four hex digits of the MAC address. According to documentation the MAC address 28:...
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