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Questions tagged [cost]

Use this tag if you are enquiring about the cost of systems, either at a specific time-point in the past (such as when they were released) or now (if you're looking to purchase).

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What did CPU time and disk space cost at a CDC 6600 Data Center?

In the mid-1970s,there was a big time sharing CDC service center in Waltham, MA. I'm curious what it cost to run computer jobs there. (My long winded story follows) In 1976, I had a summer job of &...
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Cost of Apple II switching power supply

Apple went to the trouble of designing a switching power supply at a time when they were still quite new and not widely used for consumer electronics, perhaps because Steve Jobs liked the aesthetics ...
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What was the cost of the PS2 chip in the last PS3 to have it?

The PlayStation 2 provided backward compatibility with the PS1 by essentially incorporating an entire PS1 on a separate chip. It kept this arrangement permanently. The PS3 started off providing ...
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