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Questions tagged [crt-monitor]

Cathode Ray Tube monitors: principles of operation and use with computing devices. DO NOT REPAIR CRTs; SEE TAG WIKI FOR DETAILS.

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44 votes
4 answers

Why did 80x25 become the text monitor standard?

Prior to the 1981 release of the IBM PC, the VT05 (72x20 1970), VT50 (80x12 1974), VT52 (80x24 1975), and VT100 (80x24 1978) text terminals were used on many Unix machines and the PDP-11 (probably the ...
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3 answers

What were other colors beside green and amber for monochrome monitors?

In a movie that unfortunately I don't remember the name of, a monochrome monitor using red shade was visible. I found that quite fascinating back then ! Beside green, amber and apparently gray, were ...
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Spying on old computer monitor RF signals [closed]

In the mid 80's, several national news outlets showed people able to reproduce a computers monitors screen at least 100ft away. How were early computers compromised like this?
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Why were animated screensavers used instead of a black screen on CRT monitors?

Before the advent of modern monitors, CRT technology was used, which was vulnerable to screen burn-ins. Screensavers avoided these problems by producing animations instead of persistent images. Were ...
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5 answers

Can the wrong sync frequency really destroy a CRT monitor?

I've read in various places that an incorrect signal of the wrong refresh rate can cause physical damage to a CRT monitor, but I've never found an adequate explanation of why this is so. Is this true? ...
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6 answers

What monitor did Atari recommend for its 8 bit product line?

I am curious what Atari recommended to users as an appropriate monitor for their 8 bit computers (400/800/800xl/etc). For example, my Commodore 64 pairs nicely with a Commodore manufactured 1702 or ...
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16 votes
7 answers

Was the picture area of a CRT a parallelogram (instead of a true rectangle)?

This may seem like an absurd question at first, but I've been giving it some thought and I'm genuinely curious about the design details of these devices. I was reading an answer on an unrelated Stack ...
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15 votes
6 answers

Did any computer allow overscan on a CRT monitor?

The issue doesn't arise on today's LCD screens, but on a CRT screen, because the edges are slightly curved, and you might not be able to be sure exactly how the individual screen is tweaked, it's not ...
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8 answers

What are principles of vector CRT display? Simplest way to drive CRTs? [closed]

I am into playing with TTL to build 1970s style minicomputers. Aside from talking to them via some serial (or parallel) I/O port to a terminal, I am wondering about display output. This here is about ...
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1 answer

Monochrome CRT Repair - Horizontal offset

My CRT all of a sudden is shifted to the right. I cannot adjust it via the adjustment potentiometers, nothing changes when these are turned. If I increase the brightness, the whole screen turns green (...
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8 votes
3 answers

What's the difference between an IBM 5153 (CGA) CRT picture tube and a color TV picture tube?

The IBM 5153 Personal Computer Color Display was a monitor designed to accompany the original IBM PC (albeit released a couple of years later) and provide a color display at sharp enough resolution ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Monitor for an SGI Octane?

I just found myself being the sudden and proud owner of two wonderful Silicon Graphics machines, an Octane and an Octane 2, both in quite good condition (in particular with very few scratches to the ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Why not SCART for early color monitors

By the early eighties, it was starting to be considered desirable for computers to have color monitors. Home computers often made do with a TV set and accepted the consequent low resolution, but ...
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2 answers

CRT Geometry Adjustment

My Panasonic CT-20S12S (20 inches, not 12 inches) has some pretty bad geometry in various parts of the screen. The edges of lines bow in or out, distorting shapes. How can I adjust the geometry on ...
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