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Questions tagged [crt-monitor]

Cathode Ray Tube monitors: principles of operation and use with computing devices. DO NOT REPAIR CRTs; SEE TAG WIKI FOR DETAILS.

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Atari SM144 Horizontal lines after turning off then on

I recently bought an Atari SM144 monochrome monitor so I could play with an old Atari ST. It works to a certain degree, it turns on all good and I can play for a while, but after some time it gives ...
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What is the model of the Emachines Etower 366i2's Monitor?

I've an old 1999 Emachines Etower I want to restore. I have all the original parts except for the monitor. It just isn't a complete set without it. Does anybody know the specific model of that monitor?...
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How does the Apple IIgs color compare to the Apple Macintosh color?

There has been an interesting discussion of how to convert Classic Macintosh Color to sRGB, which begs a second question. How does color on the IIgs compare to that of Classic Macintosh? I'm asking ...
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Does anybody have information on this tube?

I need to know if this is a color or monochrome tube. It’s in an applecolor A2M6020
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How to adjust RGB in an old CRT monitor (Samsung SyncMaster 753s) where the on-screen controls do no have the provision?

I just love CRTs. The have used LEDs and LCDs monitors but non of them have the high quality picture which a CRT monitor produce. In CRTs the color reproduction is very nice and also the brightness ...
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Monochrome CRT, words are wavy and sometimes move forward and backward, what could be the issue?

Monochrome CRT characters are not stable and rather shaking or waviness in them, sometime feel like moving forward and backward. Issue is in the high voltage power supply but what could it be, do high ...
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Frozen horizontal width coil in old CRT monitor

I have an old Apple IIe CRT monitor which could use a small horizontal width adjustment. Unfortunately, as I try to rotate the hex key in the coil with a CRT adjustment tool, it doesn't want to move. ...
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Identify Toshiba CRT

Didn't find anything with a search and need to replace the tube due to it being severely burnt in.
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HDMI to SCART - Using Mega Drive (Genesis) Mini with CRT

I have a Mega Drive (Genesis) Mini that features an HDMI output that I would like to use on a CRT TV I have with a SCART input. Ideally I would like to convert the HDMI to RGB SCART for the best ...
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