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Questions tagged [data-general]

For questions regarding the products of Data General. A computer manufacturer from 1968-1999

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How did the Nova 1200 divide so quickly?

According to The Nova 1200 executed core memory access instructions (LDA and STA) in 2.55 microseconds (μs). Use of read-only memory saved 0.4 μs. ...
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Can we get a complete timeline on the IRIS Operating System for Data General Novas?

This OS was implemented on DG minis in about 1970 by Educational Data Systems. Dan Paymar, one of the EDS cofounders, hired me to help him complete a one-user diskless Basic Interpreter in Summer 1969....
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Does anyone have a DG Business BASIC manual?'s DG collection has Single User BASIC and Extended BASIC manuals, but no BB manual. Does anyone have a PDF? The underlying question... the earliest mention of BB I can find is from a 1977 ...
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BASIC on the Nova?

The first widely documented BASIC on the Data General Nova platform appears to be Data General Extended BASIC. I can date it to at least 1978 due to copyrights in the manual, but I suspect it was ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Did the Nova use the 74181 or 9340 or are they the same?

I am reading over the history of the Nova, which claims that a key moment in its creation was a 4-bit ALU which was shown to them by their Fairchild sales rep. I assume this refers to the 9340? But ...
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MICRO 800 assembler?

I'm reading (well, writing...) about the FLOW language and it mentions the "MICRO 800 assembler". This was in the early 1970s, and I can't imagine what this might be. The context suggests it was on ...
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2 votes
4 answers

Which part of a computer does the conversion between binary to hexadecimal? [closed]

I know most computer architecture store data in binary in drives/storage, but i'm unsure where in a computer (x86, etc) does the conversion/interpretation of binary (base2) to hexadecimal (base16) ...
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