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Questions tagged [dec]

For questions regarding the hardware, software and peripheral products of DEC - The Digital Equipment Corporation.

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What was a DEC PDP-11/85 intended to be, and why might it be able to use DECsystem-10 software?

In this DEC PDP-11 Strategy Memo from Sept 1974, there is this curious question. HOW MUCH OF THE DEC SYSTEM 10 SOFTWARE CAN THE 11/85 USE, OR DOES THE 11/85 HAVE TO START FROM SCRATCH? CONFLICTING ...
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Restoring a self-inking printer cartridge

I've seen people ask about restoring printer or typewriter ribbons, but my situation's a little different. I have a self-inking ribbon for a DECwriter Correspondent. It's easy to open up the casing, ...
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Original DECUS version of Sumer in FOCAL?

I was sure I had a copy of Diamont's Sumer in FOCAL, but now I can't find a trace of it on my machines or online. Does anyone have a copy of the original code?
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DEC RdbStar information?

I'm putting together an article on TPC-C, and while chasing down leads its primary author mentioned the RdbStar project at DEC. As he described it, the manager of DEC's storage department (Jim Grey? ...
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