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How can I play QBasic Nibbles on a modern machine?

MS-DOS versions 5 and 6 come bundled with the QBasic interpreter and a handful of example programs written in that BASIC dialect. One of the programs is Nibbles, a variant of the well-known Snake game....
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4 answers

Delay loop in BASIC

Yesterday I was looking for a way to implement a delay loop on the C64. I came across this page: At the bottom of the page there is a code fragment that waits for a ...
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1 answer

Why did MS-DOS applications built using Turbo Pascal fail to start with a division by zero error on faster systems?

On faster MS-DOS systems, it wasn't entirely uncommon for applications built using Borland's Turbo Pascal to fail to start, and (before exiting back to the command prompt) to report a division by zero ...
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