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Dump Mask ROM on MAB8421

I am trying to find a way to dump the rom contents of several MAB8421 microcontrollers. I know that on many 8048 MCUs, you can use the external access pin to dump the rom, but the 8421 doesn't have ...
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What is this Intel Hexadecimal-like file format in this Tiny BASIC dump?

I am looking at this Tiny BASIC dump which seems to consist of two sections, the first being a list of symbol addresses, and the second one containing Intel Hexadecimal records with a leading space: ...
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How to get a dump of a particular ROM?

How do I create a dump of a Game Boy game so that I can have it for backup as a ROM? I know that I can download the ROM (though slightly illegal) if I really wanted to, but I want to know "how" ROM ...
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Dumping and sharing software for old Sharp calculator

I have an old programmable Sharp calculator (Sharp EL-9000 SUPER SCIENTIFIC) which I used extensively back in the day. I would like to dump all the software I wrote, and be able to share it. I ...
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