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Questions tagged [emulation]

Processes and software for emulating retro hardware (e.g. MAME, QEMU). NOT EVERY EMULATION QUESTION IS ON-TOPIC; SEE TAG WIKI.

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Where can I find information on old Kontron emulators?

Way back in the mid-80s, I worked as a programmer for the Apple II family, Commodore and Atari machines. I remember programming them using a big intimidating box branded Kontron stacked on top of my ...
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Do the Tandy CoCo and the Dragon 32 & 64 use all the same disk image file formats?

Tandy's TRS-80 Color Computer "CoCo" and the Dragon 32 & 64 were very similar but not clones and not the same. Floppy disk versions used totally different DOSes and disk layouts. Both ...
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Running Codenet on a Commodore 64 Emulator

I finally managed to get basic networking stuff working on VICE, thanks to another thread on Retrocomputing. I'm now wondering how to setup a Codenet server emulation. I was able to identify four ...
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Does RetroArch have a PAL filter like the NTSC one?

RetroArch the emulator "wrapper" has an option to enable an NTSC filter over the image, simulating the visual look of a composite NTSC signal/TV. Here is a comparison between the "raw&...
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How to Perform RR-Net MK3 Detection on VICE Commodore 64 Emulator?

RR-Net documentation describes a detection algorithm for the MK3 model. The algorithm is supposed to reveal the last four hex digits of the MAC address. According to documentation the MAC address 28:...
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