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Questions about the local area network interconnect known as Ethernet, in any of its variations.

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Where to obtain 3c509b empty boot ROM chip?

I'm planning to write iPXE to boot ROM of my 3c509b to enable HTTP booting on my old computer. What is the type of the ROM chip and where would you obtain it? It's 28 pin connector, please see picture ...
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Does 10BASE-T need more sophisticated electronics than 10BASE5/10BASE2?

In a discussion on the history of Ethernet and 10BASE5, Stefan Skoglund commented Was 10BASE5 a mistake? One reason why 10BaseT became possible is Moores law (and the same for the other designs after ...
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What was the first Ethernet hub?

An Ethernet hub is – well, Wikipedia does an impeccable job of summarizing what it is: An Ethernet hub, active hub, network hub, repeater hub, multiport repeater, or simply hub is a network hardware ...
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Was 10BASE5 a mistake? gives a succint but vivid description of the physical layer of the first version of Ethernet and its subsequent replacement: 10BASE5 (also known as thick ...
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How was the wiring color order of the modular connector determined?

In the T568 wiring, sometimes called the RJ-45, pin 3 and pin 6 have the same color pair. I've wondered why it was so decided. I think it would have been simpler to make the 3, 4 and 5, 6 pins the ...
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Is the thirty something year old RJ45 jack as small as it will ever get? [closed]

Why are micro-ethernet adapters not a thing? A physical adapter that takes our thirty year old standard sized RJ45 jack on one side and and plugs into a TabletPC on the other. Every other form of ...
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Connect Ethernet via Parallel or Serial in old laptop

Is it possible to connect an old 386 machine to network (ethernet)? It has only parallel and serial ports. I'm not expecting much, just planning to use it as a remote terminal. The machine in question ...
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What are these 3COM connectors for?

I came across this set of connectors. All are labelled 3COM and go from some type of plug that I can't identify to an ethernet end. Two of them have female RJ15 sockets, one has a male RJ15 plug. ...
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