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For questions about the Exidy Sorcerer home computer. For questions about this computers' CPU or assembly programming for this machine, also use the [z80] tag.

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Was the Music System for the Exidy Sorcerer as exceptional as I remember?

I am trying to remember about a bare-board sound card which plugged into the parallel port of an Exidy Sorcerer (circa 1980). The card and software ("Music System") was made by Arrington ...
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Exidy Sorcerer: how can I load a program from cassette whilst within CP/M?

I have a file transfer program (sterm) that I want to load from audio cassette, but I need to load it into CP/M. Is this possible? Any suggestions how to do it? When CP/M is running either I don't ...
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What is that Slot on the Bottom of an Exidy Sorcerer

Ok, here's a tricky one. Being bored I picked out a Sorcerer and opened it to gloat over the chips. Doing so I noticed a strange slot: about 64mm long and 3mm wide, next to the type plate, basically ...
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What format was used for Exidy Sorcerer cassette tapes?

The Exidy Sorcerer personal computer could use audio cassette tapes for program storage. In what format were programs (and data?) stored on tape? What was the data rate? I seem to remember the tape ...
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Which computers had redefinable character sets?

My first computer was an Exidy Sorcerer, bought in the late '70s. It featured a full keyboard including lower case, on screen text of 64 B&W characters by 30 rows, 2 MHz z-80 processor, up to 48 ...
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