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Did any Famicom game use microphone for random seed?

So I know most common way to generate pseudo-random numbers on Famicom or NES is linear feedback shift-register. However... It came to my mind - Famicom controller has a microphone. Did any game ever ...
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What prompted Nintendo to use SRAM rather than DRAM for the PPU memory on the Famicom?

The TMS9918 video controller which came out in the 1970s is designed around the use of DRAM for video memory--typically a bank of 16Kx8. Not only was DRAM vastly cheaper than SRAM, but it also ...
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2 answers

What tape format did the Nintendo Famicom Data Recorder use?

I just learned from a YouTube video that in Japan there was an add-on for the original Nintendo Famicom console that included a keyboard (HVC-007) and compact cassette tape player & recorder (HVC-...
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Why did Nintendo name its console the "Famicom"?

The NES was known as the "Famicom" in Japan, short for "Family Computer". But why was it given an English name in Japan, given (I assume) most people wouldn't know what the words &...
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Why was the original Legend of Zelda initially released on floppies?

The Legend of Zelda for the Famicom was apparently released in 1985 on floppies as a launch title for the "Famicom Disk Station" peripheral, only used in Japan due to the high prices of ...
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19 votes
3 answers

What is the purpose of mirrored memory regions in NES's CPU memory map? [duplicate]

[Please see answers to this related question as well] I've started reading the "official" NES Documentation and in page ten, it says that "memory locations $0000-$07FF are mirrored ...
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Was the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2 ever released in Europe?

The well-known story goes like this: When Nintendo had made Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan, they for whatever reason decided to not release that game in the West. Instead, they reskinned an existing, ...
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"Genesis Lock-On Technology" to change the language of a Famicom game

I want to create a cartridge similar to Sonic & Knuckles or a Game Genie so that the text files loaded from the ROM or DEPROM of an original Famicom cartridge can be replaced with alternate ...
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Why did Nintendo commission Sony to create a disk reader if the Famicom already had one?

The way I understand it, Nintendo's engineers couldn't figure out how to design a disk system for the SNES, so they commissioned Sony to do it for them. Why would Nintendo do this if they already had ...
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Does the NES handle unlisted processor instructions differently from the Famicom?

As you may be aware, developers used unregistered machine codes in their games, as discussed in this thread. My question isn't why they would do this, but instead if these instructions yielded a ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Do the cartridges lose your saved games without batteries?

I was watching a channel about living in China. And the host present a Jacky Chan Nintendo Fake. System looks like a Famicom. But when show the cartridge Video, looks they need batteries. Then it ...
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8 votes
2 answers

NES/Famicom CPU address range allowable for cartridges

The postulated address range for CPU ROM (so-called "PRG-ROM") in cartridges is $8000..$FFFF, that is pre-decoded in NES/Famicom and the chipselect is fed to the cartridge. However, it is quite ...
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