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Origin of Cisco-like CLI?

Loads and wagons of networking devices all over the world use the same manner for commandline interface (CLI). First I met it in 1990s at Cisco devices (switches, routers...) which used Cisco IOS. It ...
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Which generations of PowerPC did Windows NT 4 run on?

In a blog entry at The Old New Thing, Raymond Chen states that Windows NT first started supporting the 603 and 604 series of PowerPC processors. Was there a specific firmware version which was needed ...
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Trying to create a filesystem ROM for Amstrad CPC but tape is still waiting

Some background: I want to create a CPC MicroSD interface, so my first step is trying to hook the CAS* jumpblock entries just like AMSDOS and other DOSes do. My first goal is to override CAS CATALOG ...
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Are BIOS ROMs interchangeable among different vendor's PCs?

For PC/AT, 80386, and 80486 machines from the late-1980s through early 1990s (e.g. retro machines, not modern), can you expect to pull a BIOS ROM from one machine and have it work fine in a different ...
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How exactly does the Apple II monitor set and use the "last opened" and "next changable" locations?

Chapter 3 of the Apple II Reference Manual describes the machine-language Monitor. On page 41 it describes certain remembered locations: The Monitor remembers the addresses of up to five locations. ...
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What is this code on the zero page that was put there by the BASIC ROM?

(question copied from SO (from the days before RC.SE existed): Zero-page memory maps of the PET that I've found claim that the zero page address range$00C2....
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