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Computer fonts and their rendering in retro systems.

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What mid-1970s to mid-1980s home computers had their graphics characters added to Unicode 13?

The Unicode 13.0.0 release notes mention among the symbol additions: 214 graphic characters that provide compatibility with various home computers from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s and with early ...
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Are there vintage or historical bitmapped fonts available for non-commercial use?

I'm looking for a source for one or a few 1-bit black-or-white bitmapped fonts used in the past, available in a set of sizes. Current incarnations might be available for large LED displays, but those ...
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Proportional fonts on 8-bit computers

Many 8-bit computers had video systems that provided tiles, and when these were available, they were the obvious ways to display text. However, some 8-bit computers such as the ZX Spectrum and ...
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Why did the original Apple //e have two sets of inverse video characters?

According to Apple II Technical notes Mouse #6, updated January 1989, In unenhanced Apple IIe computers, the alternate character set contained two sets of inverse uppercase characters. In the ...
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What happened to IntelliFont (i.e. Amiga vector fonts)?

One of the oft maligned weaknesses of AmigaOS 1.x was that the included bitmap fonts were not very good, especially when compared to those included with Classic Mac OS. Commodore closed this gap with ...
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How did the Microprofessor II have space for a Chinese font in the ROM?

There's an Apple II clone from Taiwan which apparently forgoes the text mode and just has a graphics mode because it's simpler that way to render Chinese writing. It had a 16K ROM, of which 12K is a ...
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Where did the standard arcade font originate?

Nearly anyone who has seen an early arcade game from any company has probably seen this or a very similar font. Who created it and where, and why did it become so widespread, ending up in games from ...
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What did the Datapoint 3300 character font look like?

We know from the Datapoint 3300 Maintenance manual the characters were formed on a 5x7 grid, and on page 2-55 we have an "A". But is it known what the rest of the characters looked like? According ...
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How to convert .ttf to .fnt for use with M10_SCR.COM DOS font driver

I have a DOS program M10_SCR.COM that loads as a TSR and allows the use of fonts. It works with its own basic built-in fonts, so now I am trying to convert .ttf fonts into .fnt so I have more fonts to ...
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SAPCOL Japanese digital typesetting machines

In a comment to this question, Japanese SAPCOL digital typesetting machines are mentioned, which apparently used a PDP-8, and contained fonts for lots of Kanji. What were those SAPCOL machines? What ...
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