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For questions about FORTH (sometimes written Forth), an early programming language with a syntax resembling Reverse Polish Notation.

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Did Forth's inventor Charles Moore really write a CAD program in only 5 lines of code?

In, they talk about Forth's inventor Charles Moore and you have the following statement: Charles Moore, inventor of Forth, wrote a CAD program which was structured around just 5 lines ...
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How did LaFarr Stuart's "Forth without an input buffer" work?

In Thinking Forth (also here), Leo Brodie writes: LaFarr Stuart...didn't like the input buffer, so he implemented Forth without it, and discovered that he didn't really need an input buffer. How is ...
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Commercial C64 software implemented in Forth?

There has been several implementations of Forth that were running on, and targeting, the C64. Were there any commercial software releases (not throw-away hobby projects or in-house utilities) that ...
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Reference material for building a DIY Stack Computer from Logic Gates

I've been following Ben Eater's series of videos about designing a small computer from discrete logic gates, I'm curious if there is a similar tutorial/book/reference for building a stack computer. I ...
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Was the Jupiter Ace computer ever sold by Radio Shack in the USA?

One answer is yes; I personally remember seeing it for sale at a Radio Shack store in Texas or California. In fact, I almost bought one. The Jupiter Ace was a British computer with the Forth language ...
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Early Forth for personal computers

What were the earliest Forth programming language implementations for 8-bit personal computers? Was it FIG Forth? Or a predecessor? Or some other development? Why did Forth lose its relative ...
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